Friday 18 November 2011

Trick of the light.

I found out today that that smile isn't just for me. Not that I should have thought it so. But still.
It changes things, I think.

Maybe it gives it less power over me. Knowing that it has been used - is being used - on others. Knowing it's been weakening more knees than my own, well, perhaps it makes mine stronger.

I like to think so, anyhow.
But truth be told, I may soon forget. Oh, as soon as it's shot in my direction again, I imagine.

For I am a stupid girl. Oh, so very stupid. And I forget what a cynic I am. I forget that I've given up on love, and on true, honest men that can be devoted to one woman for the rest of their lives. I forget that words like "love" and "forever" were made up by cruel people behind books, instruments and Hollywood posters with nothing to do but inflict a cold, hard misery on real life for the sake of a best seller or a good show. I forget so much with a glance.

With a glance, I believe in faithful partners. In lasting love. In honest answers. In trust and trustworthiness. --- All fake. All blind. All made up for a story with a happy ending.

It's time I woke up. It's time I opened my eyes. It's time I said goodbye.


{Photo via: We Heart It}

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