Wednesday 30 November 2011

What we won't speak of.

I would write my heart upon a page, if promised that you'd never see.

But no such promise will be made, so this remains in mystery

Don't ask me; I'll only lie. 

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Sunday 27 November 2011

Everyone Is Leaving.

I could say something about the smallness and instability of life, but those words are all used up.

I don't understand why these things happen. I don't understand the significance of life. I have yet to determine why I'm here - why anyone's here - and then, all so suddenly, not.

Sometimes I see so much beauty in the day; sometimes I feel as though I'm getting a grasp on meaning and purpose.

Today is not like that. My heart hurts.


I'm losing my faith. I can feel it escaping from me with each passing breath.

I've been thinking about human life. What if all we really are is a strange combination of atoms; a brilliant number of chemical reactions; a jumble of neurons, protons and electrons. What if that's all we are and nothing more.

What if they're right and we're meaningless and finite.

I still pray for comfort.


I was so close to telling you everything. I haven't figured out if I'm thankful I didn't, or if it was the worst mistake I've made. 

Either way, it ends the same. Either way, we die: dirt and dust.
Sooner than we originally planned for, I think.


--- Sorry, the world is dark today.

Saturday 26 November 2011


I am so wrapped up in who you are.

I wonder if you even know me.

Not as well as you once did, I guess.
But perhaps not at all -- not anymore.

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Monday 21 November 2011

Time Machine.

I shouldn't have done that..

I shouldn't have gone back in time.

I remember so much now; too much. Oh, these are yesterday's feelings.


Saturday 19 November 2011

Friday 18 November 2011

Trick of the light.

I found out today that that smile isn't just for me. Not that I should have thought it so. But still.
It changes things, I think.

Maybe it gives it less power over me. Knowing that it has been used - is being used - on others. Knowing it's been weakening more knees than my own, well, perhaps it makes mine stronger.

I like to think so, anyhow.
But truth be told, I may soon forget. Oh, as soon as it's shot in my direction again, I imagine.

For I am a stupid girl. Oh, so very stupid. And I forget what a cynic I am. I forget that I've given up on love, and on true, honest men that can be devoted to one woman for the rest of their lives. I forget that words like "love" and "forever" were made up by cruel people behind books, instruments and Hollywood posters with nothing to do but inflict a cold, hard misery on real life for the sake of a best seller or a good show. I forget so much with a glance.

With a glance, I believe in faithful partners. In lasting love. In honest answers. In trust and trustworthiness. --- All fake. All blind. All made up for a story with a happy ending.

It's time I woke up. It's time I opened my eyes. It's time I said goodbye.


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Please understand.

I haven't put a word to how I feel about you yet. As far as words can go, they still haven't reached here. Not that I can find, anyway. And not in a sappy love-song kind of way. No, I'm not saying that I have some kind of love or a passion that goes deeper and further than language. Just a feeling I haven't had before.

I could try here, to write out what I know. To put the pen towards honest words; honest feelings. But you know that would open me up more than I am willing, making me just a step further out of my boundaries than I can allow.

You can - and will - read between the lines and answer for yourself; you're probably better at finding the words than me.
-- There are a handful of things that I fear in this world. The deepest of these, the ones that I think on most, are the ones surrounding relationships. Any relationship. Any closeness.

This is where I stumble. This is why I fail. And this is where you brush up to the border; sticking your foot in the door and scaring me, for I have not yet become the person I need be.

I will never be her. Not so far as I can see.

I already know what you need, and - most importantly - what you don't.

I am the latter - please understand.

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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Your smile and my dress.

I saw us together and had to smile at

how happy we were and

how right we weren't and

how foolish everyone was
not to see as we did.

Love and friendship are not
as far as some imagine -

no, quite a bit further still.

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Saturday 12 November 2011

(Still Do)

Also, I wanted to be able to love
              And we all know how that one goes, don't we?
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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Dear Boy --

Please. You must know that my world turns not without your breathing.

Please. You must know that the void you left weighs deep upon my soul.

Please. You must know that you created something with just that clever smile.

Please. You must know
that I loved you more than I pretended. 

Please. You must know.
Please. You must.


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Tuesday 8 November 2011

I can feel home.

I just returned from a weekend in Boston. Boston in the fall.

I can't retell how lovely it was, only to say it was almost as breathtaking and divine and majestic as home. That, of course, was the trouble.

First there were the mountains. Snow capped and beautiful. But that's not what I was waiting for. And when finally I did see what I was after, it took away my speech. The ocean. The glorious ocean. Pulling in late at night, I could see it stretching down the beach for miles, the waves breaking with a fury, the moon as the spotlight. And I could hardly contain my excitement for what the morning would reveal.

Disappointed I was not.

Thinking on it now makes my heart long for it all again. This is the closest I've been to homesick since leaving, because this weekend has been the closest I've been to home. The closest I've been able to relate anything to the lunch hours we snuck down to the beach, or days we hiked to some bright spot, or mornings we woke early to the sunrise. Closest to the crashing waves and boat rides and sea wind.

It was the first time for one girl on this trip. Her first time ever seeing the ocean. And this struck me because I cannot imagine a life without.

A life that never stood out on a jutting rock as the water swelled up, being sprayed with sea mist as the wind blew salty hair into tangles. That never leaned over the dock trying to catch all the white jelly-fish in sight. That never ran in, on a late August night, and watched as the movements made the phosphorescence light up. That never simply sat beside, looking and wondering at everything, because the magnificent expanse could not help but provoke your mind to engage in the beauty and grandeur that lay out beyond you.  

Magic. It has always been. It will always be.


These Days.

I am a clanging cymbal.
I have not love.


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Friday 4 November 2011

Of Surviving The Winter.

The days are getting colder. It snowed last week and I was outside in it. Wandering around in my cardigan, staring up at the darkness and the white.

You know how I get in the cold. You know I wasn't designed for it. Yet for some reason, I chose here to be my home.

I don't know how I'm going to deal with it. It's November. It's November and I'm freezing.
You'd think I'd have run to warmth, run to the very thing I desire. I like heat best. It seems, though, that I have a perpetual problem of holding on to it, so that maybe, subconsciously, I just let it go. It would not have been my first time..

But I'm here now, and that has to be faced. So I'll tie a piece of home around my neck. I'll hang it there, as heavy as the hopes I carry with it. And I'll brave each winter night, and wait for my escape.


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Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Body.

The bodies fit those nights, tangled and balanced by their differences --
But soon they became awkward and unsteady.
The mouths said few words, but those were enough --
Or maybe just not.
The hands, entwined, were magnificent, they knew no bounds -- 
And then they stopped searching.
The eyes did more than see, they knew and learned from each other -- 
Now they are shut tight.
The limbs were used to build and shape and become more --
Until all they made, fell.

We were one, and now, nothing remains.
I am not so different, but you.
You have changed.