Saturday 27 July 2013


there are nights we cannot touch again; held sacred by the innocence that once surrounded them. 
a naivety that we've since broken - in violent and gentle ways.

adam and eve traded paradise for a taste of fruit,
so we traded trust with the knowledge of what a grown heart looks like when it's wrung dry.
we traded wonder with books on the human condition. 
and I traded you for a sense of freedom and a list of things I never even wanted to do. 
[you traded me before I had a chance to change my mind].

so here's to us, 
and to everything we lost when all the deals went through.


Monday 22 July 2013

dead summer .

lips red as sin, 
and the smell of something deep and lustful
dabbed to the wrists, the neck, 
the small of the back.
the room is full of people
or it is empty,
[i don't know the difference]. 

it seems we are all here for one hundred years
just trying to memorize dates, and times, and schedules,
and the recipe to a good chicken casserole. 
trying to memorize how our bodies work 
before they change again. 

and you are sitting across from me
in a room that's full or empty
[me, lips red as murder
you, a dirt smudged tan].

i've memorized the shades of brown and green 
and grey that make up your iris,
and i could recite your name in my sleep like a song
[i do].

but sitting here, my red sea lips 
refuse to part
the way i want them to. 

{Photo via: We Heart It}

Thursday 4 July 2013

Tainted //

And all my woe is that now people are accustomed to say "Yes, jealousy is love,"  
and would excuse a bushel of venom because one grain of love is dropped into it. 
Troilus & Criseyde
edited by Gerard NeCastro