Saturday 17 May 2014

there was a boy

whose touch felt like heartbeats, deep and fierce  –
strong enough to loosen their bony cage.
whose voice was an open window in a thunderstorm  –
surging through the heaviness of earth wind and fire.
whose body was the stones of Pompeii –
still standing, after everything.
whose stare was a handgun in a purse – 
unassuming and treacherous 
all at once.
From Baku with Love
there was a boy whose skin felt like the last page of a novel – 
inked with story. inked with finality.
(we get no sequel here). 
{Photo: Alatoran: 24/31}

Monday 12 May 2014

timezones .

despite it all (the whole heavy lot of it) i still believe that your hands contain magic and your heart is made of softer things than you pretend.

i sometimes think that our souls were created to fit into each other but something went wrong and somehow we became just a wavelength apart. its as if time got wrinkled slightly, so that you show up too early and i too late and our souls still fit but we are never aligned enough for it to happen.
long exposure weirdness
the nine-hour time difference between your front door and mine has a way of reminding me how distant our lives have become. a gap i'm not sure can be closed simply by boarding a west-bound plane to where we left off, although i'll be sure to let it try.

but nevermind all this. what i wanted to say is that i heard you were doing well, and i really hope its true (i only wish i had heard it from you).

love anyways (always),