Saturday 17 May 2014

there was a boy

whose touch felt like heartbeats, deep and fierce  –
strong enough to loosen their bony cage.
whose voice was an open window in a thunderstorm  –
surging through the heaviness of earth wind and fire.
whose body was the stones of Pompeii –
still standing, after everything.
whose stare was a handgun in a purse – 
unassuming and treacherous 
all at once.
From Baku with Love
there was a boy whose skin felt like the last page of a novel – 
inked with story. inked with finality.
(we get no sequel here). 
{Photo: Alatoran: 24/31}


  1. I want the sequel that doesn't exist... I have that story too... there was this boy... I loved him and I still do...

    Everything you write is beautiful and emotional to me... really lovely <3

    1. Thank you for your always lovely comments, Launna!
      I think as writers it can be hard to accept when a story is done, especially when it feels unfinished. xx

  2. Sometimes you don't need a sequel, regardless of how much our imagination craves one.

  3. "there was a boy whose skin felt like the last page of a novel –
    inked with story. inked with finality.
    (we get no sequel here). "

    Damn it, your words echo in my head.

  4. God. Every single thing you write is my favorite thing. You just get it and I don't understand how wonderful your words always are. This, though. Every single line. This.


    1. You're way too kind, always. But thank you. Your words mean so much to me. xx

  5. This is so beautiful I just keep coming back to it xxxx

  6. Wow, did you wrote this? It's brilliant how you visiualize 'that boy' and the description is very clear and strong. Nice work! :)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc,bloglovin), just let me know. xx Maja

  7. I know that boy.. I still love him..
    that last amazing!

  8. there was a girl

    whose touch felt like heaven,
    making me shiver all through my nerves

    whose voice was so deepening
    filling my mind like the music

    whose body was sleek
    rubbing her hand softer then silk

    whose life was like a open book
    with the blank pages
    seems her love has washed its ink
    over and over again....

  9. This is absolutely beautiful. I think I mostly love how universal this piece is. When I read it I had several boys in mind and they shifted in and out as I read through stanzas. I think versatility is important in poetry, and it is working exceptionally in this piece. My favorite line is "whose body was the stones of Pompeii-//still standing, after everything." I'm in love with this, thank you, and well done.