Saturday 19 July 2014

mid-wake .

you've been in my dreams for weeks now
   through these listless, too-hot nights

        you come to me in a haze of amber-tones
in crowded streets.
   or alone.

            at the edge of the milky way,
   or a parking garage.

it doesn't matter.
it ends the same.

    trying to fight my way back through tangled sheets
           to where you, wordless, stood.

waking with the cruelest sense
                       that something real
        slipped through my grasp
     and something right
is gone again.



  1. Something right is gone again... hmmm ... those words speak volumes to me, something real has slipped through my grasp... I was trying to hold on...

  2. i've never experienced something like this, but i can feel the pain when i read this. you are so good translating your feelings into words.. it's amazing.

  3. yes. it can be so many days not reading you and every time you write i feel it entirely...

  4. Oh I've missed you. "you come to me in a haze of amber-tones"

    I see this, I taste this, I feel this. Love love love.