Thursday 21 April 2011

Remember when..

You brought me to that spot for the second time and told me that you wanted to be my boyfriend and you gave me my very very first kiss. The stars were shining then, and you kept me warm when I started to get chilly. And you waited oh so patiently until I responded.. Two days later. You waited for me a lot.

We jumped into the Quarry on that raining day in May in nothing but our underwear. We had no towels, of course, so instead I drove home with the hot air blasting so my parents wouldn't ask why I was soaked. That day is one of my best memories. I still think about it on rainy days.

We had a picnic on the beach with just a blanket, fishy crackers and some film. It was beautiful.

We would spend days together with no agenda, and just find where that took us. Always to beautiful spots. I miss exploring this little corner of the world with you.

We lay out under the stars for hours, that freezing day in February, making up stories for all the constellations. I wanted that to last forever.

We went to the concert in Victoria. You didn't have your license yet so I had to drive. And it took forever to find a parking spot, and when we were all the way at the door (just in time) I realized I had left my ticket in the car. You walked back with me, and we saw one of the band members standing outside. But I still felt bad the rest of the night. Now I think about how I should have just felt happy to be spending time with you.

You would write me notes and hide them in my textbooks so I would find them in class and have something to smile about.

You took me to Kinsol Tressel and as we were walking back you held my hand for the first time and it just felt so natural.

We found that swing in the forest by my house. I love swings.

You would always hold my bag for me, even if it made you look silly.

I would always try to make you spin me around, because I wanted to be like one of those couples in movies. But you hated it because you thought it made you look silly.

I begged you to get a photo with Santa because I wanted something to put in the Christmas section of the scrapbook I planned to make you for graduation day, but you refused.

You made me cookies and I didn't know they were for me so I accidentally left them on the desk. They were delicious when I finally tried them.

You told me you loved me for the first time and I could never say it back. You never got to see the million times I wanted to but was too afraid.

We went to that movie together but just ended up kissing in the back like a typical teenage couple. That was a silly night. But it was one of my favorites.
We were driving back from Victoria and we stopped at one of the viewpoints and lay out on one of the picnic tables and looked at the stars. Everything was perfect then.

Your hands would always warm up mine. They feel cold a lot now.

You made me my very own yearbook when it didn't look like I would get one. I still can't help smile when I look at it. But it's a sad smile now.

I never wanted you to touch my face or take pictures of me. It was because I was afraid that you having your hands on my face would make you realize it wasn't as pretty as you thought I was, or that you'd get an awful picture and see that I wasn't good enough for you.

I went to your birthday dinner and your mom told embarrassing stories. That day made me so happy. It made me hope that one day I would be able to be comfortable enough to come in to your house and talk with your family any time.

You broke up with me and then brought me out into the pouring rain and kissed me on the lips. I wanted to tell you that I didn't want it to end, but I knew you had already moved on, and I didn't want to hold you back.

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