Monday 4 April 2011

It's Go Time.

I need to get out of this town. I am ready to move on to a new and exciting town where it's not always raining, and where I don't have to think about homework, mid-terms, and dropping courses. But. Lets turn this post around.
Here's a list of the reasons I should stay and enjoy my last few months here:
  1. A play I wrote for my Writing class first term got accepted into a competition, and it's being performed in a couple months.
  2. My cousin is moving into my house at the end of the month and it's going to be beyond rad to have her here. She's a year older than me.
  3. Eventually the sun will come out here, and I will be able to do fun things outside.
  4. I will graduate soon. Even when it feels like I won't..
  5. Kevin Brooks did a presentation at school today, and reminded me not to take what I have for granted. Such a powerful message. He's in a wheelchair after an accident he caused from drinking and driving rendered him paralysed and killed a friend.  
  6. This summer I plan on having an unreal time.
  7. I'll be gone before I can blink, the way time is flying. And I'll probably miss it like crazy then..
I wish I could think of more, but this cold and dreary weather have got me in a funk.
And lets face it.. we all do need change. But lets make the most of what we have while we have it.


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