Thursday 7 July 2011

Remind Me Again Why I'm Leaving..

The beautiful quarry. The best days are usually spent here. 
One of my best friends, Jemmy, and I. We're really tanned.
Darbi.. one of my best friends since Kindergarten. She is an angel.
Hailey (Diary Of A Mood Ring Girl), being an absolute babe.
Sunset on the lake.

I live in the most beautiful place on Earth. With the most lovely friends.
These are the summer days that I look forward to all year.
The quarry in the afternoon, evenings on the lake, and amazing people to share it with.

Why, why, why do I want to leave here?

That being said, I am extremely excited for the fall and the
new chapter of my life that it represents!
I'm just trying to make sure I get my fill of this place
before I step away from it all. And every time I do,
my love for it grows and grows.

Here's to more summer days as great as these ones.


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