Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sometimes The Rain Is Beautiful

People love to complain.
I am not exempt from that statement.
My own internal complaints made me realize, again, how true it is.

"Life was so much easier back when -"
No. Life is easier now than it will be later,
when we'll have bills to pay, mouths to feed,
and people we'll have to answer to.

"If only I had - "
No. If only I would -
stand up off the couch and live
and love and follow my heart,
and move on from the past into a bright
and promising future.

"It's their fault -"
No. It's my fault for being hung up on it,
and for not taking responsibilty for my
own actions.

I felt the need to check myself today, as I was heading
down the oh-so-familiar road towards a pity party.
Sometimes we all need to give our heads a shake, and remember,
our lives are always better than someone else's out there.
Give thanks.


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