Wednesday 16 March 2016

lessons .

things i wished i'd been taught:

        how to respond to a man that won't leave him angry
or me sad.

reverse that:

          that won't leave me sad
or him angry.
i think that makes a difference.

another thing i wish i'd been taught:

                  how to put my needs above
                      someone else's wants.

steffy at june 2015
         my whole life has been filled with firecracker men
loud and fast and angry
      that burn for a second and then blow up
                          in my face
           and disappear in a mess
                            of smoke and debris.

                                               that live for the reaction.

                and i don't think i've ever been taught
                                 how to stop a fuse that's already lit.
                                          or where my body will be
                                                                                                     least likely
                                                    to get caught by the shrapnel.

                i wish they had been taught to be softer
i wish i was taught to be stone.



  1. I wish I had been taught to be stone too... being soft has hurt me a great deal... incredible words as always S <3