Sunday 30 August 2015

the art of being destroyed .

i never thought we'd get here.

when it came to you and me
i had begun to believe that all we'd ever be is
two lost causes
staring across crooked timing with inaudible 'what ifs' awake on our tongues.

two broken-compassed travellers
who could never stay on the trail long enough to collapse under
the same night sky.
but now i see
that we are two stories about the same moment
that sound nothing the same
and yet are both true
and both beautiful.

i was a shipwreck and you were the ocean
and no matter where i went
i was always going to drown
and you were always going to swallow me whole.



  1. Wow S... that last line about you always going to drown and him being the one who would swallow you whole... it says so much with incredible feeling... ♡

  2. SO much loveliness in this - so much beauty - so much salt sadness. I loved the repeated reference to travel - the broken-compassed travellers on the trail, the ship and the ocean - there is such a sense of transience and change and what is travel BUT transience and changing? Sleeping in sunshine, waking in snow. Loveliness and beauty and truth - I always find something golden in your posts, a gleam that lines my pockets, after, and makes my hands shine.

  3. I've always just needed someone to drown in, other than myself.

    / Avy

  4. Damn. This is my life right now. Love it. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. beautiful rendition... I'm in awe! ♥

  6. "with inaudible 'what ifs' awake on our tongues." my goodness. it's like you're strumming at my heart strings.

  7. Shockingly similar to my last romantic struggle. I knew that boy would eat me alive and for whatever reason, I knew I had to let him.

  8. That last part swallowed me whole.