Friday 29 November 2013

origins .

The idea of staying never occurred to me. Not in any serious sort of way.
I was raised on an island but I was not born on one. You were. 

The idea of leaving comes to you in a romantic sort of way. 
A "maybe-someday" that you poke at when things get dull. 
It never came to you as it did me: as a necessity. As a very act of survival. 
We are two different species, I'm coming to understand. 
I killed myself loving you, and it's taken me years to realize that we do not breathe the same. 
To realize that when you say "home" you think of one place and not thousands.
To realize that I can love you in spite of this, but it will kill me. 

You have built your life in small things. 
You let an ocean you can swim become a barrier. You let mountains you can climb fence you in.
And it's taken me a while but I think I understand why, when I left, you didn't do the same. 

You were born on an island, and I was not.  



  1. i can't imagine ever staying in the same place forever. you have such a lovely way with words, x

  2. I think when two people want to build a life together, they make little sacrifices. But if the sacrifice feels like killing a big part of who you are, then it's probably not worth the trouble.

  3. This so beautifully written S. as usual...

    I too do not want to live with limitations, the mountains are there to climb and the oceans are there to swim... :)

  4. So beautiful! Going to share this on my blog if you don't mind.

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  5. this has nothing to do with me, but somehow i can really relate. your writing is beautiful.