Friday 19 April 2013

Ocean Dreams

"I need to breathe the sea." I said.
He said "That sounds a lot like drowning"

And I laughed because, it is.
It's like drowning backwards. 

When miles of land become a prison. Enclosing. Suffocating. Torture. 

When you can't breathe without the taste of salt and water in your lungs; the wild ocean winds controlling your hair. When it's gotten into your bloodstream - the rise and fall of the tides an addiction you cannot shake
"Almost," I said . 

{Photo via: We Heart It}


  1. "wild ocean winds controlling your hair." i love this. its gorgeous :)

  2. The words you put together always move me...

    I feel the need to breathe in some good ocean air:)

  3. I.understand.completely. Just the thought of laying in the lapping water relaxes me. Your magic with words never seems to amaze me.

  4. God, I wish I'd thought of this. That picture and those words. So good.