Saturday 13 October 2012


There's something funny about that one night. Not one of those pictures turned out.

Which adds a little magic, no? All those moments, so charged with energy and secrecy, were never recorded. Just a handful of terrible, terrible photographs to remember or forget it by. Only up to me  - and you, perhaps.
Really, I don't know how I even hoped to capture it ; how I expected to hold electricity in my hand like it could last there forever. 

It was all a little like that. A lightning bolt. Deadly, fast, and brilliant. A flash that disappeared before I could trace the shape, or get it down on paper. Glorious and blinding for a blink, then gone. 

Yes. We were a little like that. 

{Photo via: We Heart It}


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  2. You have such beautiful words! Your blog posts are so lovely :)
    Keep writing!

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