Thursday 12 July 2012


I don't claim to have ever known the love of another. I have nothing but the feeling of my chest caving under the weight of two easy stares to measure against that poetic verb. 
I'm getting better at occupying the chasm, though. I fill it with music and words and empty touches, reaching moments of near contentedness. But too easily does it drain at the sight of ebony hair and a sweet smile dancing in a faultless rhythm, while I clap clumsily on the side. 

Mind you, I am thankful in my own way. My nomadic spirit rejoices - singing a melody of freedom - beside my longing soul. Fall in love with other things, it tells me, with languages and places and people you will never meet, with strangers in the check-out line. Fall in love with the mysteries of the world, with knowledge, friendships, and the perfect cinnamon latte before you let the sun outshines the moonbeams. 

And that adventure is something to behold, when it isn't so distracted by a grin in another direction. 


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  1. Lately all I can do is try to fill the empty spot I have inside for the man that I have loved. What you write always touches me and makes me think :)