Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Words On My Lips.

Written By: I Wrote This For You

And when we speak now, seldom as that is, the old language returns. I wonder if it makes old names make guest appearances in your mind. If you can feel the skin of my neck near yours one more time. Do you reach across the bed for a shape, no longer there. Do you remember it clearly or is it all just memories of memories. Is there still warmth from my fingers tracing the contours of your skin, left somewhere in your body. If you smell the smell of how I used to smell in a crowd, do you think of these things. Is something missing in everyone else's or someone new's voice. Will they never know quite how to laugh or breathe just behind your ear. Do they know what you look like when you want to leave a party, when you've had too much of people. Could they rebuild your body out of clay if they needed to, because they've touched it so many times. Does your back still arch the way it used to when I still kissed you. 
Does an old singer sing an old song on an old radio. 
Do the lyrics still shake your fucking soul. 
Did it sound like this?
You were everything I needed, and now all I need is for you to remember.

{Photo via: We Heart It}


  1. I loved this the first time I read it on I Wrote This For You, and I love reading it again. What beautiful words.

  2. I couldn't agree more. They moved me so deeply I felt it unjust to keep them to myself.