Thursday 8 September 2011

When We Are Together Again

We will devour raspberry rooibos tea infused dark chocolate. Lying on a bed - because that is where it tastes the best.

We will sing loudly to songs - you'll sing well and I'll sing off-key, as I always do, but I'll probably be louder. And I'll be dancing around like a lunatic, please join.

We'll take pictures. Oh you know we will. But we can't be blamed. It's in our bones.. So look your best.

I will go through your iTunes, trying to fix all the mistakes - and there will be too many to deal with, of course. You really should stay on top of that.

We will spend the time in the sun - I pray there will be sun - because the Lord knows we need it.

We will talk wistfully, angrily, softly, jokingly, with terror and excitement. About life and death; growing and learning; travels and work; friendships and fall-outs; the past and the future.

And about boys. How stupid they are and how stupid we are for bothering. And how they tend to have to do with all of the things we will converse about. And we will vow to forget them, but we never will, so we'll talk about them more.

Oh, and you will tell me your cute stories - I know you have them.

And I'll tell you how I'm a fool. How I'm still a fool - but how I'm enjoying it now, how I'm enjoying life.

And we'll squeel about the future. How it's coming towards us at hyper speed, and how somehow it is already upon us. How our time is slipping away, so we must hold on, and soak it in, and love it, and remember it for what it is - short.

We'll talk about the transition from high school to university life. How we think we've changed in only a few small months.

When we are together again it will be like not a minute has passed since we saw each other last.

{And for the record, you're great at  conversing, you're funny and witty and clever, so don't you worry about that. And smile. Start with that. That's what I've found. Don't be afraid to overhear conversations and jump in. Don't be afraid to ask for directions. To ask if you can sit down with someone. Everyone is looking for someone to show a little kindness and not the averse treatment of someone living in fear.}

Miss you pretty lady. You're going to do amazing things, you know.


ps. Quebec is nice.

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