Monday, 1 December 2014

a farewell .

you left me sad
even though i told myself you wouldn't

i've still been fooling myself into believing that
none of this can touch me
but it does

i melted into you
and got used to the taste of my words
coming from your mouth
sometimes i think i wished you up
but i should have wished for longer

for the nights to go forever
and the mornings, stretched into eternity
a pot of coffee, fresh on the windowsill

you have a way of making me
completely terrified and completely comfortable

you're a walking paradox
and no matter how long i look
you still surprise me

we're robots, the two of us
only, i'm afraid you're better

because you left me sad
when i told myself you couldn't.



  1. Oh this breaks my heart and bleeds me in all the best ways. Pain is such an addiction of the loveliest and most destructive nature.

  2. S... my 'him' left me sad... I keep thinking I'm over him but then I know I'm not.... Your writing is exquisite and so touching...

  3. there is always something about your writing that I find to be deeply personal to me...

  4. It sounds like my love life. You're a better robot. Love that. It's so hard to leave and it's like you should but you can't and when he does, you realize you should have first. Love this.