Tuesday, 4 November 2014

no .

you hurt me with twisted meanings and
half-formed confessions

with ripping out words from my mouth and
spitting them back; ugly, gruesome, deformed

you are not kind, or soft, or forgiving or
capable of imagining the intricacies of another human heart
you are rash and unyielding and
i hoped i would never have to meet your eyes again

but you've pushed back in and
made me feel small in the places i once felt strong

you have no right standing in my sunlight and
casting me in shadow

but i find myself weak in your dark and
there's a two letter word i can never seem to force out from behind my teeth
when you come near



  1. Why is is always so hard to say no to people who have hurt us... When I read this, I was hoping you could say no... Then I wondered if I too could say no... probably not... :-/

  2. deep words, eerie and piquant. Saying NO is the most imp. thing in life for it makes us kick out the trash from our small and unpredictable lives

  3. it's the hardest things to do. i hope it will get easier after a while.

  4. Ouch. You're right, they do not have a right to do that. "with ripping out words from my mouth and
    spitting them back; ugly, gruesome, deformed" I related with that line especially and I hope you can find your way through this.

  5. Isn't it always like that? Beautifully expressed.

  6. saying no, saying goodbye is the hardest.xx

    dreaming is believing