Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dear Moon

          We blame you for floods
          for the flush of blood
          for men who are also wolves
          and even though you could pull
          the tide in by its hair
          we tell people that we walked all
          over you
          we blame you for the nights
          for the dark
          for the ghosts
          you cold unimaginable thing
          following us home,
          we use you
          to see each others frail
          naked bodies beneath your blue light,
          we let you watch; you
          swollen against the glass
          breathe a halo of steam
          as we move against one another
          wet and desperate
          like fish under
          a waterlogged sky

by Warsan Shire
{Photo: via We Heart It}


  1. Wow. I mean....Just where did you come from?

  2. This was vivid and I was fixated on each word...

  3. Soooo beautiful. I especially loved "even though you could pull the tide in by its hair", which makes me think of mermaids combing out their tangles, and drowned girls, and hair billowing out like weeds...

    I have a book of Warsan Shire's poetry, and it's just beautiful.

  4. With the moon watching there is no room for mistakes.

  5. I cannot wait to explore more of Shire's poetry. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are well, love.

  6. Okay the Shire is something else, on another level... but I have to be honest, I am totally lost. I don't have the slightest idea what this poem is about! I have read it a countless times but still no clue.

    1. Can somebody please tell me what that poem is about? Please, just an idea at least.

  7. Este poema es un delirio del autor porque todas estas cosas que son parte de la naturaleza de Dios, porque sin estos desastres la tirra no podria darnos vida, esto se puede comparar como cuando una mujer va a dar luz a su bebe tiene que sentir dolor para darle vida a su hijo esto es lo que nuestro Dios nos enseña.