Monday, 12 May 2014

timezones .

despite it all (the whole heavy lot of it) i still believe that your hands contain magic and your heart is made of softer things than you pretend.

i sometimes think that our souls were created to fit into each other but something went wrong and somehow we became just a wavelength apart. its as if time got wrinkled slightly, so that you show up too early and i too late and our souls still fit but we are never aligned enough for it to happen.
long exposure weirdness
the nine-hour time difference between your front door and mine has a way of reminding me how distant our lives have become. a gap i'm not sure can be closed simply by boarding a west-bound plane to where we left off, although i'll be sure to let it try.

but nevermind all this. what i wanted to say is that i heard you were doing well, and i really hope its true (i only wish i had heard it from you).

love anyways (always),



  1. I wish I had the strength to say exactly what I feel on my own blog, this would be very close to what I have to say... but I hold that part of me back from there... you always seem to say what I am feeling...

    Another touching and thoughtful post ... It mad me emotional.. great writing does that :)

  2. gosh this is so devastatingly intimate... reading and swallowing your words always feels deeply personal to me. these feelings you feel and write about are understood. i hope you know that.

  3. those things you wrote... I feel them too... this is beautiful and sad at the same time..

  4. maybe, just maybe, this might be worth fighting for. even if the time might not be right now, i could be one day. do not wait, i would suggest, but - do not forget either. i think if we are meant to be we run into each other again.

    (i know the cynics would advice against it, but then again no cynic has ever believed in love)

  5. I've missed your words. Your first lines and last lines are always so perfect. I love this piece especially.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  6. Love is such a rare thing, there's never really an excuse for giving up on it. I know how hard it can be though.

  7. and it is he or is it you who is responsible for the divide?
    as for me... i am to blame-- because i am afraid of making all the sacrifice.
    some should say i gave up
    that's what he would say, anyway
    a story for another day (soon)

    Breakfast After 10