Wednesday, 30 March 2016

because you asked me what's on my mind and i don't know how to answer like a normal person; here is a poem.

i've been thinking lately about

catching myself staring at the stranger
      on the café bench

wondering if
           the dimples in his cheeks would
                      feel the same as yours
           with my nose pressed into the crease

[if i could ever love him if they didn't
 if i could ever leave him if they did]

how the cab-mans callouses
    compare to yours
        held tight against my ribcage —
     that extra friction
                      sending me over the edge

if the workman's arms are also used
             to wrap themselves around someone
                               soft and breakable
         when he puts down his saws and hammers for the day.

i've been thinking lately about

whether you can find some for me
     when this all goes to shit

[if you can start storing it up now
 and slowly letting us go
 before we have to]

and whether i can find any for myself
         for taking it this far

knowing that this is going to
         break us both —



  1. S, I have been thinking the same thing... unfortunately I don't think anyone else can fill the void... maybe if he could forgive me and maybe if I could forgive myself... maybe... Always moving and touching xox <3

  2. If it's consolation, life is richer and fuller of colour this way. The only reason you can see the light is because it's right by the dark.