Sunday, 24 May 2015

listen .

something strange
in the way
her voice has a tone of purified anguish

it reminds me of a summer spent with you
at the edge of innocence
peering into the abyss of experience

that final kiss before the fall
how every summer since has held a sense of loss.

the girl's voice - sweet and heartbreaking
carries the same tune

maybe that's why you love her
why i can't look her in the eyes.



  1. This is the poem Lana del Rey read when she wrote Summertime Sadness. This feels beautiful and haunting but it still has that warmth of summer. You are glorious, S.

  2. This poem reminds me of the final kiss between him and I... I remember thinking how I never wanted it to end... not knowing it would be our final kiss... such beautiful writing... such lovely words xox

  3. What is it with summers? Every pretty memory I have is from a July or August.

    / Avy