Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Will you take me to where the stars are brightest,
one more time?
Where they touch down and make their homes
upon your soul? 
Because I tried to memorize how our bodies moved
and how rocks felt against clothes-less feet 

But time carried me away before memories were sealed
So, now, I move in clumsy circles
stubbing bare toes on harshest pavement.
Have all the constellations fallen down,
A giant flood of unclaimed wishes
Followed by pure darkness?
Because I'm trying to explain the lack of freckles in
These barren night expanses, and 
Heaven refuses answers. 

Will you lead me back through blackened roadways
So I can show you to the place
I lost my heart.



  1. This is so beautiful S, it reminds me of my David, how I try to hold on to having him close to me... I don't want them to fade, I never want to forget how safe and happy I felt then. Amazing post!