Thursday 11 December 2014

the damage done .

i don't take promises from anyone anymore
that is what you did to me.
i do not look expectantly at my phone
when someone tells me they'll call
then decides they won't.
and when people come to me with wides eyes and excited smiles
i turn away.
i do not memorize what it's like
to touch a body with just the tips of my fingers.
i remember what it was to train my mind to forget
what skin feels like, traced over
on mornings
half asleep.
and that is enough
to not hold on to promised words
from promising lips
any longer.



  1. Most promises are empty and go broken. I don't blame you. The ones we love are often the ones we lose and who break our trust.

  2. S ... can I share this on my blog if I link it back to you? This is incredibly touching... these words speak volumes to how I feel.. :'(

    I'll check back for your answer... have a great day ;-) ... Launna

  3. Launna,
    Of course! I would be honored.
    All the best:)

    1. Thank you, I'll be posting this over the weekend... you write beautiful words that always reflect how I feel...

  4. Jesus this one hurts me. The words are gorgeous though.

  5. Beautiful words S!....Nice meeting you in blog!..:)

  6. I don't even remember when I learned never to trust anyone's promises. It's sad really.